Website Audit

This is not an exhaustive list, nor is it in any particular order, but below are some basic things you should check before launching any site.

Website Launch Audit Status
Validate your code (ref: W3C Validator, W3C CSS Validator, WDG HTML Validator, CSSCheck, Web Page Purifier, robots.txt Validator)
See how your site looks to search engine spiders (ref: Lynx Viewer, Summit Media Spider Simulator, SEO Book Spider Test)
Analytics program in place and generating reports
Test site functionality with JavaScript disabled
See how your site looks in different browsers and screen resolutions (ref: Browsershots, iCapture, Mac Screenshot Generator, Browser Cam, NetMechanic Browser Photo, )
Check for broken links (ref: W3C Link Checker)
Change font-size on browser and see how it affects the look of the site (proportions, menu distortions, etc.)
RSS Feeds (if any) working properly
Site map generated
Set up a site monitoring service
Email server is configured properly, including with SPF and SenderID
Check your meta tags for search engine compatibility
Evaluate how well your site is optimized at Website Grader and; also check out the Search Engine Preparedness Tool and check out the Page Strength tool
Check your website for adherence to accessibility standards at Cynthia Says Portal or WebXACT
Test for quality, accessibility, and privacy issues at WebXACT
Test how your site will load on a dialup connection using Sloppy (slow proxy for dial-up modem speed simulation) 
All pages have unique Title and Meta Description tags (bonus: Meta Keywords tailored for each page) 
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