Email Marketing Software and Services

Handling email, whether it is for a newsletter, autoresponder, drip campaigns, etc., is one of those things that doesn’t seem so challenging until you try to do it. And, in fact, for small volumes, it probably isn’t that difficult. But, once you start getting any significant number of subscribers, things get complicated. You want to make sure your server can handle the volume and you … [ Read more ]

E-Mail Obfuscation

Most webmasters realize the importance of hiding e-mail addresses on our websites from e-mail address harvesting spam bots. Over the years, many methods have been used to address this problem. Many are simple reconfigurations of the text displayed so that only a human can perform the logical analysis to figure out the real address. These are of the form: [email protected], contact(at)company(dot)com, contact at company dot … [ Read more ]