Website Performance/Analysis Tools

  • UrlTrends
    UrlTrends was developed to allow Webmasters, Search Engine Optimizers, and domain buyers to determine a website’s (or a specific page’s) rankings in the various search engines and directories. Based on this information you can make competitive analysis of any website with another website — and from this you could possibly determine whether your SEO tactics are positive or negative to your website;

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META Tags are HTML code tags inserted into the “head” area of your web pages that describe the content of a webpage and (sometimes) provide instructions to visiting search engine spiders and browsers. Essentially, META tag information is used to communicate information that a human visitor is likely not concerned with. Below I will discuss the most common and recommended META tags.

  • META Name: Abstract

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Talking about redirects could quickly become very technical and quite boring but I will limit myself to the basics – why you would want/need to use a redirect and what you need to consider once you do use a redirect.

There are many instances where you might like to use a redirect – refreshing a page, transferring from one domain to another (e.g. from to … [ Read more ]