CSS Basics for Web Developers: Positioning

HTML elements are positioned the same way they are written in the HTML code, from top to bottom and left to right. Elements displayed this way are called static elements. CSS positioning allows you to position HTML elements anywhere you want on the screen. These can positioned in a fixed location or flow with the screen as the browser window size … [ Read more ]

50+ Fresh CSS Techniques, Tutorials and Resources

In “50+ Fresh CSS Techniques, Tutorials and Resources,” Paul Andrew brings you up to date with the latest in CSS development through a collection of fresh CSS tutorials, techniques, and resources. The hope is that this extensive list will teach you something new, or else remind you of some methods you haven’t used for a while.

Progressive Enhancement with CSS

Aaron Gustafson has written a very interesting article on A List Apart titled, “Progressive Enhancement with CSS.” For those not in the know (including me before reading this article), progressive enhancement is just a fancy way of describing a structured approach (as opposed to the haphazard ones used by most DIY webmasters) to designing your websites for cross browser compatibility. There are many ways … [ Read more ]

CSS – Browser Differences

Most problems with modern CSS layout techniques have their origin in the way different browsers implement CSS. One useful tool to deal with these differences is Dean Edwards’ IE7 JavaScript library, which makes MSIE behave like a standards-compliant browser. This will solve a lot of other issues as well.

A common practice for dealing with cross-browser difficulties, especially with IE differences, is to include an … [ Read more ]