Website Performance/Analysis Tools

  • UrlTrends
    UrlTrends was developed to allow Webmasters, Search Engine Optimizers, and domain buyers to determine a website’s (or a specific page’s) rankings in the various search engines and directories. Based on this information you can make competitive analysis of any website with another website — and from this you could possibly determine whether your SEO tactics are positive or negative to your website; or, if you are a domain buyer, determine if a particular domain should be purchased.

    UrlTrends was designed from the beginning to have a different approach to viewing link popularity and other pertinent information. The theory was that webmasters would like to be able to see their link popularity stretched out over time, not just for the current day. This unique approach to viewing the information allows people to make a truly accurate judgement of the website and not be subject to artificial inflation that the instant link popularity reports suffer from.

  • SEO Centro Meta Tag Analyzer and Scrub the Web Meta Tag Analyzer
    These meta tag analysis tool will help you analyze your web pages and check for search engine compatibility. They will analyze meta tags, keyword density, load time, page size, title meta tag relevancy, description meta tag relevancy and keywords meta tag relevancy. They will also display meta tags and headers returned from the web server as well as search for keywords on the page or in images alt tag. Both have fairly different ways of analyzing and displaying results so I think using both is a good idea.

  • SEOmoz Tools
    Try the best free tools for link building and analysis, keyword research, webpage performance, local listing audits, and more

  • Website Grader
    You submit your URL, and the test grades how effective the site is in terms of search engine optimization.

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