Hosted Payment Options

I wrote separately about Payvment, a hosted payment solution that also allows you to create a storefront on Facebook. I haven’t done too much research on other hosted payment options, but here are a few I am aware of. Please use the comments feature to let us know of any others.

  • E-junkie provides shopping cart and buy now buttons to let you sell downloads

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Merchant Accounts

There is much to be said about merchant accounts, one of the core requirements for deploying an e-commerce solution on your server. But, that will have to wait. For now, you may be interested in Payments-R-Us, a site which aims to offer you guidance and advice on choosing merchant account providers. The site allows you to compare vendors and pricing, is free, and claims … [ Read more ]

Payvment Enables Retail Storefronts on Facebook

A TechCrunch article has the following to say about Payvment:

Payvment was originally developed as a web service that would allow any site owner to integrate a shopping cart into their e-commerce offering. You can add the technology to your site by simply adding one line of code to the site. Payvment’s Facebook App is more comprehensive and lets anyone create a … [ Read more ]