Payvment Enables Retail Storefronts on Facebook

A TechCrunch article has the following to say about Payvment:

Payvment was originally developed as a web service that would allow any site owner to integrate a shopping cart into their e-commerce offering. You can add the technology to your site by simply adding one line of code to the site. Payvment’s Facebook App is more comprehensive and lets anyone create a retail store on Facebook. The app lets you set up products, categories of products (i.e. shoes, T-shirts, sweaters), import photos, list terms of service and shipping options and more. Once you set up your online shop on Facebook, it will show up in a separate tab on your profile or page under "storefront".

Once the shop is set up, potential buyers can interact with the storefront like they would a -commerce site. You can add desired products to your cart and remove them easily. Payvment also lets buyers conduct searches within the store. When a user adds a product to their shopping cart on Facebook and clicks to follow-through on buying the product, Payvment takes the user to a separate page outside of Facebook, where the user can use PayPal to buy the object. Payvment’s CEO and founder, Christian Taylor, tells me that it is necessary to conduct the transaction on a separate site because Facebook doesn’t yet offer e-commerce security options. And any purchases made will not be made pubic to your friends.

Payvment’s shopping cart is also integrated with any other shop using its application. So if you put a shirt from store "x" in your cart and also placed a shirt from store "y" in the cart, both would show up on either retail site. Basically, Payvment creates a unified shopping cart across Facebook for buyers. Retailers with standalone sites who want to use Payvment’s shopping cart experience can also implement Facebook Connect, to let consumers access their personal shopping cart from Facebook. And retailers can customize their carts within their sites to fit into their UI.

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