The Value of Your Browser

These days, Firefox and Chrome are both excellent browsers that can greatly aid your Web development efforts. That is thanks to their built-in developer tools. If you use the Inspect Element option (right-click) you can see a great depth of options. Modify CSS to see how changes you want to make will look real-time. Having JavaScript errors? You can track those down. Want to see how your site looks on mobile devices? Those are the three features I use most but there are many more as well. Do an online search and you will find some useful tutorials, like the “Discover DevTools” Code School course or “15 Must-Know Chrome DevTools Tips and Tricks” by Danny Markov.

There are also some useful Web development extensions (addons), including the hugely popular Web Developer (Firefox, Chrome). “Chrome tools every Web developer will love” by Martin Heller, “33 Chrome extensions for designers and devs” by Rahul Mistry, and “15 helpful Chrome extensions for developers you need to know” by Thomas Peham are good places to start for Chrome extensions. “14 Essential Firefox Add-ons For Developers & Designers” by Thomas Peham, “Best Firefox Addon for Web Developers and Designers” by Ashutosh Chauhan, and “Best 36 Web Developer’s Tools” by sacud are good places to start for Firefox addons.

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