Text Size Switcher

Update (January 1, 2017): I have now switched to using a modified version of code found in the font resizer WordPress plugin, but the code below is still useful on its own and as a tutorial on the topic.

A useful and common accessibility feature is a text size switcher. This is a tool that allows users to alter the size … [ Read more ]

Fonts – The Next Big Thing

Håkon Wium Lie offers an article on A List Apart, CSS @ Ten: The Next Big Thing, in which he discusses the need for a good selection of fonts on the Web and a proposed solution: web fonts. Instead of making pictures of fonts, the actual font files can be linked to and retrieved from the web. This way, designers can use TrueType fonts … [ Read more ]


Occasionally do-it-yourself webmasters have to put on the designer’s hat and one of the considerations of good design is font choice. Below are some resources to help you out.

  • Font Picker Online is a simple application that previews your text using all the different typefaces available on your computer. To use it simply highlight any of the example boxes and type in your

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