Advertising (Ads on Your Site)

Advertising is the most obvious way to translate your site traffic into revenue and thanks to several useful middleman sites it is easier than ever, even for sites with smaller amounts of traffic. Below are some of the sites I have come across which might help you generate some income.

Cost Per Mille Impressions (CPM), Cost Per Click (CPC), Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) and In-Text Ad Networks

Not all of the following offer all types of monetization so click through to see what’s offered. Options are listed alphabetically. Do note that I have not used most of these so I don’t have any comment on which are worthwhile and which are not. Also note that I have listed, which requires 300,000 monthly impressions. There are other networks that require even higher numbers that I have not listed here. If you have that kind of traffic, you probably are already aware of the options.

Paid Text Link Networks

These networks ostensibly sell paid text link “ads” but the real purpose is to produce backlinks for the purchasers of those ads in the hopes of raising their SEO performance. Please note that publishing these text links as dofollow is not permitted by Google and if you are caught you could have your site penalized or even removed.

Affiliate Networks

Use these sites to find products and services you think would be appreciated by or suitable to your audience and place relevant ad links. A few might provide CPC links but the vast majority will be CPA links so getting the relevance right is key.

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